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Renaissance Power & Gas

Serving Electricity and Natural Gas to Your Neighborhood


Electricity & Gas

What Are We?

We Are An
Energy Supply Company

An Energy Supply Company “ESCO” is a company authorized by the state to sell electricity and/or natural gas to homes and businesses by using the transmission or distribution system of a utility.


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We can help you take control of your business energy costs. Improve your bottom line by switching today.


What are the Benefits of Signing Up with Renaissance Power & Gas?

When the energy industry in your area is deregulated you now have the choice of energy suppliers. We pride ourselves on low cost fixed rates that provide price protection against market price spikes in the future. Our rates are always reasonable and fair. Unlike others out there we have no hidden fees and we never price gouge. Combine that with amazing solution-oriented customer service we’re sure once you’re our customer you’ll never want to leave. It’s free to sign up. The application is simple and quick. To start saving with your low fixed rate, it takes less than 5 minutes to set it up. Just set it and forget it.

Low Fixed Rate

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When your utility company is your default supplier, like it is for most people, your supply rate is on a variable market reflective rate. With us, your price is locked in at a low fixed rate for a certain amount of time. That way even if there is a price spike in the energy market, your rate remains stable and your bill doesn’t increase when you least expect it.

One Bill

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A lot of people don’t know this but there are 2 parts to your electric bill, the delivery part and the supply part. Your local utility company provides the delivery part and an energy supply company, like us, provides the supply part. However, both sections appear on your utility bill. So don’t worry, you always just have one bill to pay.

Help The Local Environment

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You’ll be supporting our many environmental clean up activities, like the American Forest Foundation, The Alice Ferguson Project and organizations like Fresh Farm who support local food producers. 


You have the power to choose your energy supplier. No fees and only one bill just like you’re used to. Make the switch and take control!

Live Customer Service

Talk with one of our Energy Supply Specialists about your bill and about how Renaissance can benefit you today!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident you’ll love our products and our service but we also know problems can happen. Be assured if they do, we care about you and will work hard to make sure you’re happy.

Why Customers Choose Renaissance Power & Gas?

I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can, so I appreciate the fact that Renaissance has affordable green energy. Not only do I end up saving money on the fixed rates, but I also get to help the planet! It’s a win-win!

Mike B. 
Mike B.

I signed up for a fixed-rate plan to help me be able to predict my electric bills and it really saved me over the winter when my neighbor’s rates went way up. I highly recommend the fixed-rate programs as they can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Robert T. 
Robert T.

Before making the switch to Renaissance, I was paying on average $500.00 for my electric bill. Turns out, I was paying way too much! I am now paying a fraction of what I used to and am very happy with my decision.

Sarah G. 
Sarah G.

The customer service representative was so helpful! There had been a mix-up with my rate and she was able to not only to help me fix it but gave me a lower rate than the one I had signed up for!

Joan O. 
Joan O.

Thank you so much for the professional and courteous way you dealt with me today. I truly felt that you had my interest in mind and got right on it. I wish more companies were blessed with such compassionate people. It was not only a pleasure working with you but a breath of fresh air to know people like you still exist. I hope you share this message with your company and put it in your folder as a recommendation. You’re welcome to use it as a recommendation. Thank you for your kind words, also.

Linda D. 
Linda D.

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