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Servicing Duke Energy Utility Customers

Services & Rates for Homes for Duke Customers

Why Switch to Renaissance Power & Gas?

Take Back Control

Back in the day, no one had control over the way they paid for energy. They just had to sign up and pay whatever the utility charged. Things are different now. By choosing RP&G, you get to have greater control over how much you pay and how you control your bill.

A Partner You Can Trust

At RP&G, we don’t pull the wool over your eyes and sneak in any hidden charges. With us, what you see is what you get at every point in time. You need an energy solutions partner you can trust.

Better Customer Service

As an energy supply company, all of us at RP&G understand how important our services are to you as well as how important you are to us. Our customer service line is always available to help address any concerns or issues you are having, so rest assured, we will always be there for you.

Switching Is Quick and Easy

There is a common misconception that switching energy supply companies is a difficult and time consuming. Well, its not true. With us at your side, you’ll find that making the switch is quick and easy.

Money Back In Your Hands

When you choose RP&G as your energy supplier, we treat you like you want to be treated and provide you with a great low fix supply rate. Our rates are always fair and reliable. We are sure you’ll very happy with our low fixed rates.

Low Fixed Rate

Take a break from having to pay high energy prices that fluctuate up and down with the markets. With RP&G, you get to have control over how much you pay, greater predictability, and control over what exact product you get.

What Customers Think About Renaissance Power & Gas

I heard Renaissance Power & Gas was cheaper than what I had and I switched to it. If I ever need any help or anything, they’re prompt and they do the job quickly.

Camila Jonsson

I’ve gotten two bills so far after going with Renaissance Power & Gas and it was pretty low. So, I’m happy with their service so far.

John Ellis

I’ve had Renaissance Power & Gas for so long and it was an easy experience with them. We’ve done everything online and navigating their website was easy.

M Sims

At Renaissance Power & Gas, I can usually get help pretty good. I would recommend them to somebody else. Good service.

Kia Latigue

The experience with Renaissance Power & Gas has been good as well as the interaction with the customer service rep.

Israrul Huq

I love Renaissance, the service is beautiful and the customer service reps are always helpful.

Luviee Lenore'
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