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Our Support for Green Causes

At Renaissance Power & Gas we put our money where our mouth is by making donations to green causes as a regular part of our business. We are proud sponsors of a variety of organizations, all of which are dedicated to making improvements to our communities and to our natural environment. The Bronx River Alliance | The Bronx River Alliance is an organization with a mission to help keep the Bronx River clean and healthy, and to maintain it as a thriving source of ecological and economic prosperity for the communities it flows through. Groundwork Hudson Valley Science Barge | The Science Barge, an urban farm and greenhouse floating atop the Hudson River, hosts field trips to teach school age children about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. It is the only completely functional demonstration of sustainable food production powered by renewable energy in New York. American Forest Foundation | AFF works to educate and empower communities to protect our forests. Some of their programs include nature activities for families and advocating for environmental education in our nation’s schools. New Hope View Dairy Methane Project | The aim of the New Hope View Dairy Methane initiative is to reduce the heat-trapping methane emissions in the air that ultimately contribute to climate change through the use of biodigesters, which capture methane from the waste produced by farm animals and convert it into renewable energy! Alice Ferguson Foundation | With its guiding principles of education, inspiration, and innovation, the Alice Ferguson Foundation aims to promote environmental stewardship through sustainable agricultural practices and by connecting people to the natural environment around them. Federated Conservationists of Westchester County | FCWC provides people with the tools and knowledge necessary to understand the environmental issues our society faces and works with communities to preserve Westchester County’s natural resources. Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm | Located in Texas, the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm houses over 400 wind turbines that have the capacity to provide electricity for over 220,000 homes. The turbines create no air or water pollution, and no water is required in this generation of electricity. The more we can contribute to projects like this, the more control our nation has over its energy sourcing – and this significantly benefits every state across America. Greater New Bedford Landfill Gas Capture | As waste in a landfill decomposes over time, it releases methane gas into our atmosphere that traps heat and contributes to climate change. This project prevents methane from being released into the air by capturing it and utilizing it to produce heat and create electricity that is used to power homes throughout the Northeastern United States. Winchester Landfill Gas Project | About 80 miles west of Washington, D.C. in Winchester, Virginia, this initiative reduces landfill odor, captures and destroys methane gas created by landfill waste, and converts the gas into clean and renewable energy which is then made available to consumers in the region. Erie County Landfill Gas Project | The Erie County Landfill Gas Project destroys methane that has been released into the air through the decomposition of landfill waste. Seneca Meadows Landfill Gas Project | This initiative in upstate New York works to filter methane gas created by landfill waste out of the atmosphere and convert it into usable energy that can power homes, schools and businesses across New York. Greenacres Foundation | The Greenacres Foundation works to educate our youth on sustainable farming and gardening, water quality issues, and preserving land in Cincinnati, Ohio. Anacostia Watershed Society | At the Anacostia Watershed Society, the goal is to clean and ultimately restore the Anacostia River and its tributaries in and around our nation’s capitol back to a swimmable water body for the enjoyment and good health of its surrounding community. Fresh Farm | In an effort to support local food producers and lower the carbon footprint associated with food transport, Fresh Farm hosts roughly 20 farmer’s markets in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Green Umbrella | A nonprofit whose mission is to keep Cincinnati sustainable, this organization advocates for things like less food waste and more renewable energy within its region. Grow NYC | They support a network of New York area farmer’s markets to ensure fair access to fresh, high quality and healthy food for all New Yorkers, and they educate children about gardening and recycling! Environmental League of Massachusetts | ELM’s goal is to protect land and water resources, and they do so by working closely with the state of Massachusetts to preserve public parks and green space and transforming the area’s infrastructure to encourage more walking and biking.

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