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How we help our communities during COVID-19

by May 18, 20200 comments

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Renaissance Power & Gas believe it is absolutely vital to help our customer communities.  As a team, we have carefully selected FOUR organizations to support that we feel are making a large impact during the COVID-19 outbreak. These organizations are providing necessary assistance for those affected by providing food, education services, transportation, and much more.  Below are the organizations we are supporting along with information on how they are helping in their communities during this difficult time.


Thank You!

Our donation to this organization helps support healthcare workers in New York City,  providing them with meals, laundry services, taxi rides, groceries for their families and covering hotel expenses for those who need to isolate to protect their loved ones.  New York City has been hit especially hard during the outbreak, which is why we chose to support our healthcare workers who put themselves at risk day in and day out. Currently, these workers have already sent home 5,123 recovered COVID-19 patients.  

Before the pandemic, this organization was dedicated to providing top ranked trauma care, mental health services, and so much more that has become key in our life especially in our current crisis.  They have earned many special designations for quality and culturally responsive care.  We at Renaissance Power & Gas, as a team, could not be prouder to support this organization.


This organization was created specifically to provide support to the city of Boston residents most affected during the COVID-19 crisis.  They are providing children, families, and seniors with food, technology for students to continue education from home, as well as providing support for Boston’s first responders and healthcare workers.  They currently have raised 29.4 million dollars in their effort to support the community of Boston and they are always adapting to fit the needs of Boston residents during the coronavirus crisis. 

The Boston Resiliency Fund has recently given an additional $1 million in grants to 14 different organizations that help Boston residents who are most affected.  To date, they have awarded $8.3 million in grants to supply children, families, and seniors with food and other basic needs.

Thank You!

Another $5.8 million in grants have been awarded to providing childcare, food, and other support for front line workers, as well as expanding the healthcare systems to serve those in need. They have also donated $2 million for remote learning technology for students who are unable to attend school during the coronavirus outbreak.


Thank You!

The D.C. Central Kitchen has made a huge impact in the D.C. community during the COVID-19 outbreak.  They are providing to-go meal sites for DC children and to-go breakfasts and lunches at nine different mobile feeding locations.  They are providing meals to shelters and frontline workers.  They are also distributing fresh produce to schools and corner stores.  As of May 4th, D.C. Central Kitchen has distributed 324,836 meals to D.C. families, 103,780 pounds of fruits and vegetables to families as well, and delivered 41,791 units of produce and healthy snacks to corner stores.  D.C Central Kitchen also supports the community by training people so they can open catering and food related businesses.

DC Central Kitchen has always believed in strengthening the community.  They are nonprofit and a “social enterprise” that fights poverty and hunger through hands-on culinary job training for people who have employment barriers.  They worked with the community, even before COVID-19, by providing food for shelters, job training, and providing healthier foods to small retailers with their Health Corners project.  We think they are doing an incredible job supporting their community and gladly support their efforts.


Thank You!

The final organization Renaissance Power & Gas  supports is the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.  We support this organization in their fight for health, education, and financial stability for the entire Cincinnati community.  Their fight for health has been focused on giving additional care to those with chronic diseases, as well as towards family violence prevention.  They have also spearheaded The Health Collaborative, a project dedicated to the health of the community and lowering the costs of healthcare. 

United Way of Greater Cincinnati also invests in the future of the community’s financial stability.   They have started financial opportunity centers that provide support through integrated career and personal financial services which provide people with a way to build financial stability.  UWGC started the Stable Families Initiative, a project dedicated to improving housing and academic stability for families and children in need.  While this fight is always an important one, Renaissance Power & Gas believes it is now more important than ever to support UWGC during this current coronavirus outbreak.

We, as a team, are happy to come together and support these organizations.  We believe they are strongly and positively affecting their communities. They are working hard to provide those in need with the tools needed to overcome these tough times.  Renaissance Power & Gas believes it is vital to come together and support our customers and their communities at this critical time.   We hope you feel that way as well.



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