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Benefits of being a Renaissance affiliate


High Commission Rate

Renaissance Power & Gas will knock out any other team by offering all of our affiliates a high commission rate PLUS monthly residual! Every time a customer signs up with Renaissance through your affiliate code, you will earn $25 on each customer, and if that customer continues to be with Renaissance, you will earn a $1 residual for every month that he or she pays their bill.


On-Time Reliable Payments

Renaissance Power & Gas is the brand you can trust that will always pay on-time. You can finally have peace of mind that your commission will be consistently paid out according to your agreement. It is a small token of our gratitude for your deciding to be a part of the Renaissance family.



Everyone has their own specialty, and we do not want to force anyone to do something they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. You know your following demographic better than anyone, you are able to be the boss and use the best platforms you know and market the brand the best way you know how.


Strong Marketing Campaigns

We offer an incentive to customers who want to sign up with Renaissance. For every customer that signs up, you are encouraged to advertise and promote that those customers will get a $200 dollar rebate when they sign up for Renaissance Power & Gas. We pride ourselves on being the neighborhood brand, and everyone earns a little bit more by being a part of the Renaissance team.

Green Energy Causes

Renaissance Power and Gas is very proud to say that we are one of the leading brands in clean energy. We purchase carbon credits on your behalf when you sign up for our green energy packages. This means every time you output greenhouse gases we neutralize the output through carbon credits. The sustainability of our environment is a huge factor for us, and we want to give back to the world that gives so much to us.

How can you be the #1 Affiliate?


check icon Be honest!
check icon Play an active and engaging role with your community
check icon Encourage customers to sign up with the rebate offer
check icon Post and engage during peak hours, which you can check with your analytics 
check icon Have a strong following base. 
check icon Be inclusive, we are a brand that wishes to cater to everyone!
check icon Be genuine, we want you to get to know our brand better and talk about it comfortably.
check icon Be informative, we have many different materials for you to understand so you can sell better!
Be consistent, posting once will not generate the sales traffic you need. Renaissance will help by constantly updating our ad content so you can have a fresh pitch to market every time!
Have fun!


sao x multiply icon Use a “bot account” to market the product
sao x multiply icon Post without engaging the viewers with no information of the product
sao x multiply icon Forget to talk about how customers can earn money through their rebate.
sao x multiply icon Post at odd hours that have the least amount of traffic
sao x multiply icon Be dishonest about the product; everyone has the right to know what makes RP&G special
sao x multiply icon Exclude anyone from signing up for RP&G.
sao x multiply icon Say things about the product that are not necessarily true to sell better. Genuine sales will be greater in the long term because of the potentially high residual you can earn.
sao x multiply icon Miss out on this opportunity, it is a great chance for everyone to earn money and help create a bigger impact on protecting the environment.

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What is "Carbon Neutral"?

Prevent Climate Change

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